Wedding videographer UK and Destination

We are wedding videographers who are passionate about creating visuals whatever it’s moving or static.

  By simply letting the story come through naturally, we hope to capture the very essence of what matters most.

  I’m Lukas and I work with a talented wedding videographer and my wife Laura.

Watch our short wedding video showreel here

What we prefer is a documentary approach. We are not directors, we are reporters.

That’s why we reflect in a discreet and complete way the extraordinary atmosphere of your big day and the emotions accompanying it.

We create a natural and unforced wedding reportage.

At the same time, we do our best to use some camera movements, framing, and style of filming, that is used in some movies and tv series we love.

We both trying to film guests unnoticed and if that works it gives us a scene with a natural-looking and behaving person in the middle of the frame.

That approach and some post edition color grading and montage tricks make the final wedding video looks cinematic.

Essex, Kent, Surrey, and London wedding videographer

Those locations above are regions where we had a chance to film weddings very often. There will be 200 weddings done by us soon.

That’s meant we captured thousands of lovely people on our cameras in many stunning venues.

Most of our wedding videographer work is in London and the countryside locations around it.

Although we live in a less busy area of the UK (Yorkshire) for a few years now, it’s always a great adventure for us to come back to the full of life streets of London.

” Filming is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies “

Watch some examples of our wedding videography from the UK and other parts of Europe

Our Wedding Films

It is our main objective, that our bride and groom fall in love with their wedding video.

To make a wedding film that becomes an important part of their family’s audiovisual heritage.

” And suddenly, all the love songs were about You ”

London and surrounding areas creative wedding videographer

As wedding videographers, we are doing our best to reproduce the atmosphere of your Big Day. No matter if it’s boho, classic, or any other style.

All those great emotions flow through us. And the result is a collection of love, joy, and pure happiness moments.

If you want us to capture your day, we will be there no matter how far it is. Travelling is one of the greatest parts of our wedding videographer life.

Winters Barns in Canterbury during wedding

Why do you need professional wedding videography?

A video is an indispensable complement to your wedding photographs. The opportunity to keep the excitement of your big day alive forever.

Relive and review those gestures, those sensations, those moments with your family and friends with the unmatched power of a great quality wedding video.

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Wherever in the UK or in the World your wedding is, we can get there to be your wedding videographers.

 There is no charge for travel and accommodation if it’s in the UK. About 90% of our weddings are in the south of England, but we can come to visit your place whenever it is. We travel a lot and we are happy to explore new places. We named ourselves as wedding videographer Uk and Destination. By that, we understand literally any destination on the globe.

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as your wedding videographers
Planning a wedding is a big chellange

We thought we would try to explain everything to reduce any doubts and ambiguities that you may have when thinking about choosing your wedding videographers.  Therefore in this guide, I will tell you how we work during the wedding day, so you can imagine how it will be.

One of our main goals is to film your day in the most discreet and unobtrusive way possible. That”s mean to be observers who are waiting to film the greatest moments of your Big Day. We don’t ask your guests to pose or do anything in front of the camera, that’s not our style. All we try to do is to be at the right time and the right distance from people. As a result, we have the chance to film unique emotional moments without being noticed. To let that moment flow in a spontaneous way. This approach always results in the most natural-looking footage.

What about outdoor session

At some point in the day, we and the photographers will ask you to go out with us. Somewhere outdoors to discover the beauty of a wedding venue o if the weather allows. That is the only time when we will ask you to do anything in front of the camera. But don’t worry, no acting skills are needed! It’s just walking, talking, or smiling with each other. The same as you would do anyway when on your own. We speak with the photographers beforehand about the workflow. Then we know how to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

This is your wedding video and you can be the Art Director. If you want to present yourself in any other way just go ahead and tell us about it. Don’t hesitate to tell us about any of your ideas.

We will do our best to edit the video in the style that you prefer. Please tell us what part of our work is something you are really looking for.

Tell us more about your wedding plans

It’s always great to call you or meet up to talk it over.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to find time, and most of our clients are living somewhere else than Poole. The majority of the weddings we do are in London and South UK areas. If you can’t meet in person before your wedding day there are other solutions! Most of the time we have a Skype or Whatats’App chat and we plan all the details when the wedding day schedule is ready.

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How to book us?

Once you have decided that you would like to book us, we charge a 25% deposit .
All you need to do is fill in your contract with all the details, pay the 25% booking fee to secure the date, once paid we tell all other couples that we are booked up.

wedding couple and dance
Briefly about our well prepared strategy for filming your wedding day
How we start the story?

In the morning we arrive at the place where the bride is getting ready. The exact time depends on your day’s schedule. The best option is to arrive just before the bride has her make-up done, early enough to say hello to everybody, but late enough to start filming when no one looks sleepy any more. One of us can visit the groom as well at the right moment if it’s possible.

And now the most important part of the wedding day

We (or at least one of us) want to be there at least 30 minutes before everything starts, to set things up, and to take some footage of guests arriving and the groom waiting for the bride. After we film the bride’s entrance, we stay in fixed positions with our cameras focused until the signing of the registry, when we can usually move more freely to get some additional shots.

It’s time for the wedding greetings

We are happy to be on the side with long distance lenses in use to capture it all in a natural way. During confetti, we work side by side with the photographers to be sure that all of us have good shots.
While people are chatting, joking, and taking group photos, then making their way inside to enjoy their meals, we will be filming establishing shots of the venue outside. We will already have taken great footage of the tables and all the decorations by this time.

We love to hear the stories from your life

The speeches are a fantastic part of the wedding. We film with at least two different cameras at the same time and the sound is recorded on as many devices as we can set up. We always want to be safe and have backups, as there is only one chance to capture everything.

Let’s dance

After the cutting of the cake and the first dance, we film people dancing and having fun until the moment we know that we have enough great footage we can use. We will usually leave about 30 to 60 minutes after the first dance.

Brides jumping wedding in cornwall
How long it takes us to edit your wedding video?

Depends on how busy time is, it took us 8 to 12 weeks. When all is edited and we are sure we did a great job, we sent you over the video files. All of them as an online gallery at wedflow. . Your family and friends will have easy access to watch or download your videos there. In addition, you will get a link to your highlight video on Vimeo as well. There is always the option to order USBs if needed or you can make copies on your own. All the files are easy to be copied to other drives or devices. Full HD files are is still the most common format which is easy to be played on any computer, phone projector or modern telly.

We have limited availability for 2021/22, get in touch for information on our videography packages.