Wedding Videographer

wedding videography in UK

We know that finding the right wedding videographer is no easy task

Each of wedding videographers has its own style and a slightly different perspective on the reality surrounding us.

We hope that our wedding films are what you are looking for.
So far we have had the opportunity to be in many wedding venues throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, perfect places to produce natural wedding films.
Our wedding videography is the result of years of practice in this creative profession. We have attended many workshops and are up to date with new trends and styles of wedding films. Despite the possibilities that our computers offer when it comes to special effects, we are still fans of simple montage. We believe that it is not just effects but well thought out frames that make our wedding films interesting. If you want to hire an experienced wedding videographer for your wedding please contact us to check availability.

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Organising a wedding involves a lot of things that need to be planned well so that your big day can happen without a hitch. Months of planning come down to a few amazing hours that go by incredibly fast. There will be a lot going on simultaneously during your wedding. Our job as wedding videographers will be to constantly move around the wedding venue looking for emotions and events. Watching your wedding video will allow you to experience many moments and emotions that you have been not witnessed during the wedding. Please check our portfolio below to imagine how your wedding will look like captured on video.

The value of professional Wedding Videography

I’m sure you’ve already seen your friend’s or family’s wedding video. It is the most emotional experience for your close family. However, from my experience, I know how much more intense and how much longer it takes to watch your own wedding. As someone who doesn’t find it particularly easy to express sublime emotions, it was especially unique for me to see myself completely moved.
I know that if you are looking for a wedding videographer, you probably know what a wedding video means to you. I just wanted to share my experience with you. Until I get married to Laura I didn’t really know what wedding videos really mean to wedding couples.


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How does the wedding videographer work?

From the outside, this work looks very similar to that of a photographer. Especially when we usually use the same cameras. However, there are some subtle differences. In the way we work as wedding videographers we appreciate the distance between us and the wedding guests. This distance is determined by the choice of appropriate lenses. Then we have the possibility to record the situation without interfering with it.
When a photographer is able to freeze a moment by one click, we need to interact with it for at least a few seconds. To make our wedding videography looks cinematic and natural, we practice being unnoticeable video ninjas on every occasion.

Cinematic wedding videography and post-production

Being a wedding videographer also means being an editor and colorist. Many factors contribute to making a cinematic wedding video. The right choice of image colors similar to those used in world cinema productions.Taking care of every detail, especially skin tones, using special filters during recording or applying film grain in post-production.
This and many other small things contribute to the final effect in the form of an eye-pleasing wedding film.
Fortunately, we live in times of easy access to knowledge and courses created by the best. We take full advantage of this because our job as passionate wedding videographers is to create a film that you will love.

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What input can you have on our wedding video?

This is a fairly frequently asked question. Because we make wedding videos about you and to you, your input is very important.
By choosing the right licensed music from dedicated videography sites, you significantly influence the atmosphere of the video. You can also influence the narrative.
Some people prefer films made to music alone, while others prefer films with elements of vows, speeches, or conversations between wedding guests.
We are not the wedding videographers who treat those films as our own independent productions.
We create these films together with you, but by establishing in advance what is most important to you. However, you can always rely entirely on our taste and experience and leave the whole thing to us.