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Wedding video from petersham nurseries in London

Riddlesden Barn Wedding Video

Early morning we have arrived at the hotel where Laura and Patrick get ready. Preparation was full of emotions, lots of laughing and crying. It was easy to notice that it’s really the most important day of those guys’ life. A moment after 12’o clock turquoise VW transporter took all of the girls to a venue where the ceremony was about to start.
Beautifully converted barn venue: East Riddlesden Hall by the pond full of the ducks, who were louder than anybody else during the ceremony. All of that makes the atmosphere of the happy, old-style countryside wedding celebration.
That was a massive amount of work to make it looks that way. After the ceremony, The Dotted Crochets trio plays some classical music outdoor. The unplugged style of that wedding made a fill that it’s back in time to ’60s.
It’s nice to work with so many professional photographers who know the venue well and can give some tips about nice looking spots. Thanks to photographer Let Love Flourish.
Luckily we had the pleasure to come back to this spot one year later.  That venue has a lot of natural stunning backgrounds perfect for cinematic wedding videography.

Bradford Rd, Riddlesden, Keighley, BD20 5EL

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